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Celebrate World Environment Day

2 March, 2011


Thursday 10 June 2010.

ProAves extended the celebration of World Environment Day throughout the month of June with the goal of making more activities, raising awareness in more people and generating greater impact on communities on the protection of the environment. These activities were mainly implemented at Genova, Quindío, and Roncesvalles in the department of Tolima and at Jardín, Antioquia.


In addition, we have one more reason to celebrate, and thanks to the commitment of rural communities, municipal councils and the Catholic Church, among others, the threatened status of the Yellow-eared Parrot changed from “critically endangered” to “endangered.” Eleven years after starting the conservation efforts to save this bird, we can conclude that its population now has more than 1,000 individuals, a key threshold for recovery of the population.

During these first days activities were carried out with schools and colleges that are part of groups led by the Foundación, like the Sisters Schools, friends of birds schools, young researchers and youth social service in order to provide knowledge through creative activities conservation-themed habitat of the species and the appropriation of practices aimed at sustainable development.


Through radio programs that air during the month, see that the wider community has first hand information on the importance of conserving natural resources, why it is important to celebrate this day and the scheduling of different activities that will be held. These activities include painting competitions, cultural outlets and culture on Fridays where environmental videos will be projected that will lead us to reflect on the damage that man has done to our only home.

We make an invitation to celebrate this day, all year, being aware of our consumption habits and asking ourselves about the impact our way of life is having on the planet and how we can help conserve our natural resources.

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