Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Environmental Education and Conservation

2 March, 2011


Thursday 16 September 2010.

For more than 10 years ProAves has been developing different educational activities like “Environmental Friday”. This activity takes place every month and in it documentary films and films related to the subject are shown, this space is consolidated as a stage for cultural interaction to strengthen the bonds of participation and solidarity of the inhabitants of the municipality.


Also, in 5 Bird Friendly Schools “environmental education workshops” were held for more than 107 children in the municipality. In the Educational Institution, La Voz de la Tierra, thematic briefings relating to environmental calendar 2010 and its impact on the town of a youthful population of approximately 150 students were held.

The community radio station has been a valuable support for the dissemination of information, in addition to becoming a meeting place of youths for creative production of audio-clips related to the conservation of biodiversity and climate change. These become primary sources of updated information which respond to the specific circumstances of the municipality, contributing to the strengthening of environmental awareness.


The constant development of the above activities, and others that arise in the learning process and implementation, become important inputs to the consolidation of environmental education processes which promote the conservation of valuable ecosystems for their biodiversity and the provision of environmental services they provide to their inhabitants and the global climate.

No conservation strategy is successful if the population living in the ecosystem is not aware of the need to conserve. Knowing the environment and how to intervene in it is the basis to produce and reproduce ourselves sustainably.


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