Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Children and Youth, the Future of Conservation

23 April, 2021


In order for the community to learn more about the species and the great diversity that inhabits its municipality, Fundación ProAves, under the auspices of Women for Conservation and the support of the Environment area of the Mayor’s Office of Mapiripán, created the “Mapiripán Bird Workshop” with children, youth and adults who live near the El Jaguar ProAves Reserve.

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During the activities carried out in the municipal seat of the municipality of Mapiripán, department of Meta, the members of the Bird Group were able to see different species of birds in their natural state, and they learned to identify them and the importance they have for the ecosystems. Thanks to the guides and binoculars provided by the environmental authority CORMACARENA, the participants were able to closely observe the birds in all their beautiful detail: their beaks, colors, legs, plumage and unique behaviors. 

In one of the field trips, which coincided with the first assembly of the National Youth Environment Network Nodo Mapiripán, several teens from the Group of Birds in training were selected as leaders of the process. At the end of the event, 20 native trees were donated to the forest of the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán de Mapiripán Educational Institution, which thrive in the El Jaguar ProAves Reserve, thanks to the conservation work carried out by Reserve Ranger Daniel Villar.

Work with the communities

For ProAves it is essential to work hand in hand with local communities so they understand the importance of living in harmony with nature, value the biodiversity of their regions, and take action for conservation.

To this end, ProAves has created ecological groups called “Amigos de las Aves” (Friends of the Birds) in various regions of the country, especially where the Foundation maintains Protected Areas. These groups, made up of both children and adults, promote a key cultural transformation. The goal is to instill a deep respect and commitment to protect the environments where group members live. Through education and community involvement, ProAves hopes to ignite a lifelong passion for the natural world and inspire a generation of conservationists.

We appreciate the great support of Permian Global and Women for Conservation