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26 November, 2009


Our online database for bird monitoring and research by ProAves has recorded data on 1,163 species (61.8%) of birds in Colombia. Among these species, 107 are migratory, 78 are almost endemic and 47 are endemic.

Among the 86 species of threatened birds listed by IUCN (2007), ProAves has information about, and monitors 68.3% of them. Information has been collated monthly since 2003 and the banding database has 82,061 records. Furthermore the database of observations, censuses, count points and transects has 168,780 records, distributed in 12 localities and corresponds to 240,078 individuals.

Esfuerzo de muestreo de capturas 2003-2009 y número de individuos de especies por categorías registrados por años.

Catch sampling effort 2003-2009 and number of individuals of species recorded by category for years.

To view the results of the endangered species present in the database:

In some of these areas is conducted monthly monitoring, using methods of census and mist-net catches, there are places where research has been conducted short (less than a year) and to key sites where exploration has been largely obtained important information birds of conservation concern.


Figure 1. Map of Colombia restricted to municipal boundaries, showing where ProAves Foundation has information of birds in your database.

Information contained in the database is present since 1986.

ProAves Foundation invites the general public and amateur ornithologists to register and query data · Base Monitoring Program and the Migratory Bird Conservation, which is constantly updated to take into account access following recommendations:

– Enter the login button “user registration”.
– By return mail you will receive an information document which must be filled out.
– Evaluate and approve your request.
– By return mail will be sent confirmation ID and password. AND A CHECK!

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