Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Engaging with the community of the Paujil Bird Reserve

20 February, 2013



As part of the membership and environmental education strategy that ProAves implements and which seeks to develop activities that encourage communities living in the areas where our reserves are located to get to know and support the work done in each region, a visit to the inhabitants of the village of Puerto Pinzon, buffer zone of the The Paujil Bird Reserve, took place last November.

During the four days of activities, three meetings were held which were attended by members of the Community Action Board and aldermen of the town, ASOCAMPROGRESO, the Association of Parents of Puerto Pinzon School, members of the “Women for Conservation”, youth leaders and the general community of the town.

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At each of the meetings they shared in interesting activities like talks, hiking the Reserve trails, crafts and food, which helped us to understand the concerns, questions and comments from the guests.

In addition to these activities, the experience of community work done in the town of Génova, Quindío, was shared demonstrating the success of environmental processes in the achieving a meeting of minds between local authorities, community leaders and ProAves.

The role of forests in regulating the environment and protecting the local and global ecosystems was explained in a very interesting manner, with particular emphasis on the tropical rainforest that makes up the Paujil Reserve.

These meetings were held in the facilities of the reserve, with the support of Membership and Environmental Education Coordinator Fernanda Martinez, Environmental Educator of Génova Juliana Toro, and the Reserve Rangers José Adán Rojas and Ramón Antonio Ciro.

We hope to continue to enjoy the support of the community to carry out more activities like these.


We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to send warm  congratulations to all the inhabitants of the village of Puerto Pinzon, for their excellent participation in the Competition of Floats and Groups during the Colonial Cultural Festival and the celebration of 55 years of the foundation of the town of Puerto Boyacá, an event that took place last December and in which the colony made ??up the villages of Puerto Pinzon, 15 Letras, Pozo Dos and Brisas del Ermitaño ranked first, winning a financial prize that will be used for the development of a social work that will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the district.