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Flame-winged Parakeet nesting filmed

10 March, 2011


As part of Project Pyrrhura supported by Loro Parque Fundación, ProAves has monitored artificial nest-boxes located close to the capital Bogotá. A night vision camera installed in the nest box recorded the successful breeding of a pair of the threatened and endemic Flame-winged Parakeet (Pyrrhura caeruleiceps), between October and December 2008. These are the first images of this species behaviour inside a nest, captured by ProAves researcher Fabián Guzmán.

The Flame-winged Parakeet is endemic to Colombia, with a narrow range in the northern part of the Eastern Cordillera and Vulnerable to extinction. The project’s aim is to document population, ecological and reproductive aspects of this species, and therefore increasing awareness of the main factors affecting the reproductive success during this critical stage. In this way, we seek to develop effective conservation measures.

It is clear that artificial nest-boxes are an extremely important tool to assist the species breeding, which suggests natural nest-site availability is limited due to selective logging of the largest trees which typically hold cavities.


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