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Kids from the Ecological Group speak up

3 March, 2011


Friday 31 July 2009.

The kid Jhoan Sebastián Colorado lives in the community of Jadin, department of Antioquia (habitat of the Yellow-eared Parrot, Ognosrhynchus icterotis) in Colombia. Several miles from there, in the municipality of Génova, Quindío (habitat of the Indigo-winged Parrot, Hapalopsittaca fuertesi), lives another kid, Andrés Felipe Alzate. These two kids have in common being part of the Ecological Group Friends of the Birds. They are both proud of being part of this initiative supported by Disney Conservation Wildlife fund and Loro Park Foundation.


Jhoan Sebastián says: “I know about ProAves much before joining the group, since I always participated in the activities organized in school by the Environmental education teacher, and also thanks to the Loro Bus . Now that I’m part of the group I take advantage of all the activities organized, and each time I can, I visit the website of ProAves to know about the latest news”

“I think birds are quite intelligent and gaudy”, he adds. “ I have always been keen on nature, hence my favorite subject at school is Natural Science. Once I reach the required age, I want to join the group Young Researchers to support, like their members, in the fulfillment of bird census.

On the other hand, Andrés Felipe Alzate, Friend of the Birds from the municipality of Génova, Quindío, is always pretty active within the group and in all activities carried out. He is 12 years old and currently studying 4th year of elementary school at Guillermo Ángel. “I like all the activities organized within the group, such as flied trips, and participation in parades where I can represent ProAves”.

He adds: “I want to invite other kids to join this group, which helps us compromise with conservation of natural resources. Besides, I would like that grownups take their time in listening to us, since we have pretty interesting things to tell and teach”.

Both kids have participated in the campaign “Wax Palm tree and Yellow-eared Parrot”, and they are both happy to know that this year there was no use of bouquets made of Wax Palm tree during Holy Week in their communities.

If you wish to support the Friends of Birds Ecological Group or provide general support in the educational activities of ProAves, please write to or call (571) 245-5134.