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Parrot Bus visits the department of Córdoba

3 March, 2011


Monday 7 December 2009.


The “LoroBus” (Parrot Bus) is a tool for environmental education and awareness since 2005. It travels throughout the country developing fun and educational activities with children, youth and adults. 

Ecological Route through the department of Córdoba

For 20 days it travelled more than 400 Km through the municipalities of Canalete, Los Córdobas, Montería, Tierra Alta, Valencia, Planeta Rica, Buena Vista, Ayapel and Sahagún.

By means of talks, workshops, games and videos in the interior of the bus, they tried to involve the communities that they visited, in respect for biodiversity; to generate in these a sense of belonging and respect for nature, especially in birds.

On this occasion a variety of activities; in Canalete, for example, was launched, with a parade, the cultural week of San José de Canalete school; in the municipality of Los Córdobas there already exist bird friendly schools and groups of birdwatchers and the newspaper El Meridiano, in Montería, issued a press release about the visit of the Parrot Bus.


Group of birdwatchers Nuevo Nariño – Participants in a workshop in Tierra Alta.

Children from all over the department of Córdoba took part, enjoyed themselves & learnt with the Mobile Environment Classroom Parrot Bus.

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