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Las Tángaras ProAves Reserve

13 November, 2014

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Las Tángaras Bird Reserve was created in October 2009 to protect the habitat of two endemic bird species: The Golden-ringed tanager (Bangsia aureocinta) and the Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys). The Municipality Carmen de Atrato signed the memorandum of understanding to be part of the Alliance for Zero Extinction Colombia in October 2010.

Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys)

Location and Area:

Las Tangaras Bird Reserve is one of the most diverse and important tropical forest sites on earth, and will protect a great elevational gradient – from 1,250 to 3,400 meters above sea level. This area protects the watershed of the Rio Atrato – the Chocó’s most important river which serves as a vital economic resource for tens of thousands of inhabitants living in poor rural communities. This strategic land acquisition helps consolidate a buffer zone protecting over one hundred thousand acres, against unsustainable rapid colonization, and strengthens the protection of several isolated indigenous communities threatened by colonization. This location became the target area for creating a new reserve. A total of sixteen private properties in the area were immediately acquired to create the 7,076 acre Tanagers Reserve.

Download the complete list of birds in pdf.


Located in an area dominated by mist and precipitation throughout the year, the annual temperature varies between 8 ° C and 23 ° C, with an annual rainfall greater than 4000 mm.


Las Tángaras Lodge


Many water sources are born in the area, highlighting the Quebrada La Sanchez, a tributary of the Rio Atrato.


In regards to flora the presence of numerous epiphytes and orchids (gen. Epidendrum sp.), are to be noted. Large trees like encenillo (Weinmanniasp) and aguacatillos (Ocota sp.) stand out among others.

It has a high diversity index with records of 250 species of birds belonging to 15 orders and 42 families, highlighting the Golden-ringed tanager (Bangsia aureocinta) the Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys), the Chocó Vireo (Vireo Masteri), the Purple-mantled Tanager (Iridosornis porphyrocephala), the Indigo Flower-Piercer (Diglossa Indigotica) and Fulvous-dotted Treerunner (Margaronis stellatus) and several species of hummingbirds like the Brown Inca (Coeligena wilsonii), Velvet-purple Coronet  (Boissaneaua Jardini) and Empress Brilliant (Heliodoxa imperatrix)

In Amphibians, specimens of the families, Centrolenidae, Bufonidae and Stabomantidae, are often found, the presence of salamanders of the genus Bolitoglossa stand out.

Cultural Significance:

The reserve is located close to Afro-Colombian and indigenous cmmunity reserves. The Embera, Embera Chami and Dovida peoples are important cultures of the area.

Biophysical Features:

Some of the ecosystems found in the area are: humid forest, wet forest and lower montane forest.


The Lodge has accommodation for 20 people with modern and comfortable cabins, along with 24-hr electricity, potable and hot water. Phone and internet connections.

Las Tángaras Reserve


The scenic beauty of the area is unparralled. Birdwatching is a favorite activity but also hiking and nature observations are available.

General Recommendations:

  • Wear cold weather clothing, rubber (welly) boots, insect repellent, sunscreen and sun protection accessories.
  • Please advise about health problems and food allergies.
  • Respect the natural resources of the reserve. The collection of biological material is not allowed.
  • Follow instructions from the reserve staff and stay on established trails.
  • Disinfect shoes with Clorox or bleach to prevent the spread of the chytrid fungus (one of the leading causes of death in amphibians around the world).

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