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Original Yellow-eared Parrot painting for sale!

30 November, 2011


Monday 26 April 2010.

Fundación ProAves
Cordially invites you to participate on
“THE YELLOW-EARED PARROT” online benefit auction.
From April 26 to July 30 2010

In an exciting initiative between ProAves and “Art & Conservation”, a group of artists dedicated to support biodiversity and habitat conservation through art, the original Yellow-eared Parrot painting is for sale with proceeds used to support conservation. The artist, Paula Andrea Romero, did a magnificent and inspiring job painting this beautiful parrot in its natural habitat.

“A Hope in the Mist” 2009

Author: Paula Andrea Romero Ardila. Artist and illustrator from Art Conservation.

Medium: Acrylic on illustration board.

Dimensions: 18” X 22” inches

Description: Painting of the Colombian Yellow-eared Parrot. (Ognorhynchus icterotis). Created and inspired by the 10 years of hard work for the conservation of the Endangered Parrots of Colombia by Fundación ProAves.

This unique artwork has been considered by the ornithological community one of the most faithful paintings of this beautiful parrot.

Please, Join us on this noble cause

There might be numerous reasons for painting inspired on nature, but one of the main reasons is its beauty and comprehensibility.

The only risk while appreciating daily this painting, is that it would make you feel as if you belong to the place portrayed and you would only be compelled to say, “How I Wish I was there!”. There is no need to find the hidden meaning behind the painting, but instead all you need to do is look and immerse into the beauty of this marvelous piece of art.


In 1998, Fundación ProAves with the support of the Fundación Loro Parque, initiated the yellow-eared parrot project with the main objective of ensuring the survival of the species and to protect their habitat in the Colombian Andes. 10 years later we continue working steadily and dedicated with the purpose of ensuring that the populations of Yellow-eared Parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis) are healthy and stable.

This project is a conservation model that has been replicated to other endangered species and to the establishment of protected areas throughout Colombia. During these 10 years the project has involved more than 180 people and 47 organizations worldwide, adding the essential contribution and effort of different communities and the success in the specific activities in research, conservation and education, allows us to proudly claim that thanks to the efforts done, the species have now a hopeful future. Of 81 individuals found in 1999 we can now report that the population exceeds over 1000.

This highlights a strong commitment to the species, its habitat and local communities. We are now confident that future generations will know and cherish this dream and this species. ProAves owes its birth and growth to the Yellow-eared Parrot and support of Fundación Loro Parque.

About us

Art and Conservation:

Is a Colombian artist collective, which support biodiversity and habitat conservancy through art. Our objective is to donate founds to raise awareness in regards to the need of an inmediate attitude change towards environmental issues, through Art Exhibitions, Publications, Workshops and Education.


Fundación ProAves

Is a Colombian non-profit organization that focuses on the study and conservation of our biodiversity, especially birds at risk of extinction and their habitats, in partnership with local communities. Our objective is to support and promote the protection of Colombia’s incredible but endangered natural heritage with the ultimate aim of benefiting the planet and humanity.

buy and offer

Dear Visitor, if you want this painting, contact and let us know which is your offer. the open price is 2.000 $ (established by the artist). We will constantly inform you via email and through this site, the highest bidding price so that you can follow the status of the auction.

Remember we conclude in September 30, 2010.

Please, lets Join hands for this noble cause and forward this link to every person to whom you know so that these

painting can get immediate sale on highest price.



Eliane Arzuza

Director of Development, who will gladly guide you.

Phone Contact: +57-1 3403261-3403229 (Bogotá, Colombia)

Or to the following email earzuza @

Thank you!