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ProAves delivers more than 4300 plants during Palm Sunday

6 June, 2014


In 2014, Colombia was reconciled with nature. During the XIII version Reconcile with Nature campaign held in Bogotá and in 7 towns of Colombia where the wax palm branches were replaced for live plants which was promoted by delivering more than 4,300 live plants across the country during the celebration of Palm Sunday.

This year the campaign was conducted in the towns of Roncesvalles, Tolima; Génova. Quindio; Jardín, Antioquia; San Vicente de Chucuri , Santander; Minca, Santa Marta and Bogotá and, for the first time, in the town of Cajamarca, Tolima. Confirming that this great event benefits the conservation of endangered palms of Colombia and their fauna.

Palm Sunday Celebration in Génova, Quindío

During the last version of the campaign we saw zero use of the wax palm and other threatened species in these towns, with the support of local priests and a greater number of participants in the environmental activities and cultural proposals by the foundation such as: drawing competitions, nature walks, bird watching visits to nature reserves, ecological workshops, “plant a tree” days and art exhibitions, which promoted the replacement of palm branches by living plants, delivering more than 500 native trees to the community and ornamental plants in pots made ​​by children from recycled plastic.

Palm Sunday Celebration in Jardín, Antioquia and Bogotá

During the season of Lent we helped the Environmental Police and the CARs at checkpoints installed on the access roads to towns, with fun activities and the delivery of informative and educational material.

During Palm Sunday, at information stalls we gave away over 4,300 live plants, 400 balloons, 300 banners, 1.000 posters, 300 t-shirts and 1.000 stickers, all with the clear message of conservation of the Yellow-eared Parrot and Wax Palm, receiving support from regional autonomous corporations and the mayors of each town, and the priests in their Easter sermons, who insisted on the protection of God’s work, using alternative branches, they are our greatest allies in achieving this change in culture.

Palm Sunday Celebration in Roncesvalles, Tolima.

This year we held the campaign for the first time the town of Cajamarca, in the department of Tolima, which has large areas of Wax Palm, conducting the campaign in the districts of Alpes, Toche, Anaime and San Lorenzo Alto, accompanied by the the church priest Hugo Barragan, and giving out ProAves educational material, we also visited the owners of farms with wax palms to speak of the importance of this species and prevent their commercialization during this holy feast.

Palm Sunday Celebration in Cajamarca, Tolima.


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