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#GivingTuesday – Please Save the Rainforest

Since 2007, the Pauxi pauxi ProAves Reserve has protected over 5,000 acres of unique Rainforest in the Magdalena valley of Colombia for the endangered Northern Helmeted Curassow and many other threatened and endemic species. Recent threats of

Great Bird Count in ProAves Reserves

ProAves participated in the October Big Day and added a total of 81 eBird lists– with 3,578 individuals and 588 distinct species of birds across

Restoring the habitat of the Macaws

The Choibá or cumarú (Dipteryx oleifera) is a critically important tree species for the survival of the Macaws; Unfortunately, selective logging has reduced the populations

Colombian forests are disappearing

Colombian forests have been ruthlessly cut down – we have lost 563,000 hectares of primary rainforest from 2016-2019 and that was before the tsunami of