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Cerulean Warbler Reserve coffee certified

24 mayo, 2011

Tuesday 24 March 2009.

Thanks to the support of American Bird Conservancy in 2006, ProAves acquired a 15 ha property close to the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve  that containing mostly coffee and coffee production machinery. The coffee aims to help with reserve sustainability and as serve as a “model” for bird-friendly production, especially for the Cerulean Warbler.

Since 2006, ProAves and EcoTurs Colombia  have invested significant resources to improve production and quality of bird habitat. We are delighted to receive the certification from theSustainable Agriculture Network of Rainforest Alliance, and certified by the Sustainable coffee group of Santander (Grupo Cafés Sostenibles de Santander) and the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia.

The Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve contributes to the conservation of many threatened Oak forest dependent species in the Serranía de los Yariguíes, as well as many threatened migrant birds.

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