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New mobile app features the amazing world of frogs

19 diciembre, 2011

The app, “Fantastic World of Frogs,” is an image gallery of frogs for the Nokia N9 Smartphone and allows users to view spectacular photos of frogs, discover their habitat in the Colombian rainforest, and learn more about these incredible creatures. 

Users can also learn about conservation breakthroughs that the corresponding SOS-sponsored project “Protecting and restoring key sites for globally threatened amphibians,” in partnership with Conservation International (CI), delivered. The app highlights CI’s work with their local NGO partner, Fundación ProAves, in the biodiversity hotspot Chocó of Colombia.

rain_frogUsers of the IUCN Smartphone app can also enjoy the adventures of conservation hero Robin Moore, project leader and Programme Manager of IUCN’s Amphibian Specialist Group and amphibian conservation officer at CI. Amphibians are the most threatened group of vertebrates in the world, with over 41% threatened with extinction, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. The goal of the new app is to drive awareness of the plight of frogs and introduce users to the diversity of Colombian frog species.

harlequin_poison_dart_frog“Frogs are sensitive barometers of environmental health,” says Robin Moore. “As a group they are heavily threatened by habitat loss, and combining photography with technology is a fun way of highlighting our approach to protecting critical habitats with a behind-the-scenes look at conservation in action.”

Nokia is lead sponsor of SOS and, in addition to supporting conservation projects, helps raise awareness of the importance of species protection by the use of innovative mobile technology. SOS aims to build a global coalition in order to halt the loss of biodiversity, and they invite other innovative businesses across all industries to join in the initiative.

“Amphibians provide many important services to humans such as controlling insects that spread disease and damage crops – they also form a beautiful group of animals harboring an amazing diversity of colors, making them outstanding ambassadors for wildlife conservation, says Jean-Christophe Vié, Deputy Director of IUCN’s Global Species Programme and SOS Director. “We need targeted conservation to protect these species. Fantastic World of Frogs is an amazing tool that helps us promote amphibian preservation.”

“We were the first company to join the SOS initiative. We believe that mobile applications offer a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness on environmental issues. This new app is a great way to teach people about the importance that frogs have in the ecosystem,” says Outi Mikkonen, Director, Stakeholder Engagement at Nokia.